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Magneti Marelli Ozone Generator(code: ITM20140511194474)

• For chemical cleaning specialists and home users
• Removes all impurities accumulated in the cabin: damp that collects mainly on floor coverings and on air conditioning evaporators; eliminates unpleasant odors
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Ozone Generator from Magneti Marelli is cost saving garage equipment for both chemical cleaning specialists and home users. You no longer need to pay for expensive chemicals. Thus, the costs incurred for Magneti Marelli Ozone generator reimburse very quickly.
This tool, by ionizing the air, produces unstable allotropes of oxygen, i.e. ozone O3. Ozone, being a very strong oxidant, removes all impurities accumulated in the cabin. Ozone Generator effectively removes damp that collects mainly on floor coverings and on air conditioning evaporators. It also eliminates unpleasant odors.
Depending on the size of vehicle cabin and the degree of its contamination, the device has the ability to select the operating mode and time (5, 10, 15, 30, 60 minutes). In case of buses, it is recommended to use several Ozone Generators.
Ozone (O3) is in the atmospheric air, where it is formed from oxygen under the influence of uV radiation. Ozone is a gas heavier than air, it is unstable and decomposes quickly. Decomposition accelerates growth of the temperature, humidity and air pollution. In water, ozone decomposes more rapidly than in the air. In the form of gas it is colorless, in thicker layers it is blue. In the liquid state it is intensely dark-blue, and in the solid state it is almost black. Ozone is a very strong oxidizing compound, much stronger than oxygen. It breaks down into oxygen molecules and atomic oxygen. Due to its very strong oxidizing properties is widely used in industry.
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