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Magneti Marelli Injector Cleaner GS4(code: ITM20140511222292)

• The best gasoline fuel injector cleaner & tester on the market
• Piezo Injector driver circuit (0-250 VDc / 0-35 A)
• User-Programmable Test Plans
• Future upgradeable
• Electric coil condition and (O) Ohm testing
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The best on the market Magneti Marelli fuel injector cleaner & tester GS4, specially designed for gasoline injectors. It provides an efficient and cost-effective way to bench test and service every fuel injector.
For service and repair of the following problems:
  • Increased exhaust emissions
  • Reduced engine performance (power, Torque)
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Poor drivability situations
  • Direct injection systems failure (Leaks, pressure drop)
  • Rough idle and periodic stall of the engine
  • Conditions that lead to long-term catalytic converter damage
  • Extended engine start-up
  • MIL - check engine light-up
  • G-DI / FSI / hpI / DISI / SIDI (Direct injection), 
  • MpFI / SpFI,
  • L-jETRONIC (Multi-port fuel injection) / CSFI, 
  • CpFI (Central port injection) / TBI / CFI (Throttle body injection),
  • K-jETRONIC (Continuous Injection), MARINES, E-TEC / FIChT
  • Other: Motorcycles, LpG, Alternative fuels
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