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LAUNCH X-431 Diagnosis Aid (New version)(code: ITM20140503180086)

• Can be used if your tester can not be connected to the modules
• Tests of voltage pulses
• Tests signals in different protocols
• Coloured LED indicators show the high / low signals
• Can also be used for simple testing of generator
Price: 2 499.00 DKK
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No communication is the most common cause of error in the use of any truck or car diagnostic tool. The LAUNCH X-431 Diagnosis Aid is a car diagnostic tool which connects to a vehicle’s OBD2 connector and let you easily diagnose electrical faults and errors.


LAUNCH X-431 Diagnosis Aid checks the electricity and shows the monitored diagnostic connector data lines, in order to search for voltage pulses. The colored LED lights indicate when the signals being pulled too high/low. This diagnostic device has unlimited connecting scope, so an error can be located within a few minutes.


The battery voltage is monitored continuously. Therefore, the display will show the voltage as soon as it is too low and a warning sound will be emitted. In addition the charging state of the alternator can be checked. The box is powered via the diagnostic connector. 


Car diagnostic tool - LAUNCH X-431 Diagnosis Aid user’s manual

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