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LAUNCH EEI-100 Borescope(code: ITM20140503145285)

• Lightweight and easy-to-use
• Up to 4GB of memory, it is enough to 10,000 640x480 images
• Has the Li-Po battery - can be used for 4 hours after 2 hours of charging
• 3.5 "320 x 240 screen
• NTSC / PAL video output and USB connector
Price: 6 399.00 DKK
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Typically most of the cheap borescopes are not able to go in many diesel engines. This is due to the size of a probe being too big to go through glow-plug hole of a cylinder. In order to solve this problem LAUNCH created borescope EEI-100 - the best garage equipment for inspection. Explore what is located in cavities, pipes, conduits, etc. Due to a very tiny camera head (3.9 mm*) it is possible to reach the most difficult locations and inspect them.


Further, pictures and videos can be taken and stored directly on the Micro-SD memory card. A direct connection to the PC is possible through the USB 2.0 interface. The video borescope / endoscope also has a 1.5x digital zoom and is ideal for inspection of the combustion chamber of a car engine.


* It is possible to order probes of different sizes. 


Languages: English, Danish, French, Spanish, Russian Dutch, Arabic, Polish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Japanese. Bulgarian, Traditional and simplified Chinese 

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