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*Carman Scan VG64 (Full kit)(code: ITM20140430214383)

• Reads fault codes, shows live data graphically
• Resets service indicators
• Programs immobilizers, performs adaptations
• Can be used as a scope and/or digital multimeter
• Has a symptom analysis function
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Carman Scan is knows as high quality, premium brand. It is one of the latest editions of VG64 car diagnostic tool. This OBD2 scanner is a very powerful PC based tester. It supports Asian, European, American and Australian vehicles. Carman Scan VG64 car diagnostic tool comes with a new user interface and touchable LCD screen. It is able to measure 6 to 8 cylinders with DIS system and is able to assist you the whole day with its long-life battery (~300uA).


Languages: English, German, Italian, Greek, French, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Turkish, Polish, Russian. 


  • Pictorial & text diagnostic socket location
  • Large range and depth of Korean, Asian, European, American & Australian software
  • Menu vehicle selection, auto ECU scan, General search
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